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This is a list of organizations with a primary, or significant, commitment to ending human trafficking.

Other lists include:

  • Freedom Collaborative, which is managed by Liberty Asia.
  • http://www.globalmodernslavery.org/


source : www.preventhumantrafficking.org

  • Anti-Slavery International, Anti-Slavery International works at local, national and international levels to eliminate all forms of slavery around the world
  • 8th Day Center for Justice, a Roman Catholic non-profit organization based in Chicago, Illinois
  • A Better World, an organization that is based in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada
  • A21 Campaign, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-governmental organization that works to fight human trafficking
  • ACT Alberta, a Canadian coalition of Government of Alberta representatives, non-governmental organizations, community organisations, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Agape International Missions, a nonprofit organization in Cambodia
  • Arizona League to End Regional Trafficking, a coalition representing partnerships with law enforcement, faith-based communities, non-profit organizations, social service agencies, attorneys and concerned citizens.
  • Awareness Against Human Trafficking (HAART) is non-governmental organization fighting against human trafficking in Kenya.
  • Bishop Outreach, a non-profit, non-governmental organization involved in rescuing those enslaved in human trafficking.
  • Breaking Free, a nonprofit organization based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States that provides various services to prostitutes, such as help finding a place to live and a job outside the sex industry
  • California Against Slavery, a human rights organization directed at strengthening California state laws to protect victims of sex trafficking
  • Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation, a nonprofit organization that helps human trafficking victims, sex workers, and the homeless by providing them with resources
  • Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, a nonprofit organization that helps human trafficking victims by providing Social Services, Legal Services, and Outreach and Training
  • Chab Dai, a coalition founded by Helen Sworn that connects Christian organizations committed to ending sexual abuse and trafficking.
  • Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, an international non-governmental organization opposing human trafficking, prostitution, and other forms of commercial sex
  • Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, a Los Angeles-based anti-human trafficking organization
  • Deborah's Gate, a human trafficking victims safe house run by The Salvation Army in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that opened in 2009
  • Development and Education Programme for Daughters and Communities Centre in the Greater Mekong Subregion (DEPDC/GMS), a non-profit, NGO based in Chiang Rai Province, Northern Thailand, that works to prevent and protect children and youth from being trafficked into exploitative labor conditions.
  • Devatop Centre for Africa Development, a nonprofit organization in Nigeria with focus on combating human trafficking, gender-based violence, child abuse; and providing educational supports to vulnerable children.
  • Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee, a collective of 65,000 sex workers in West Bengal
  • ECPAT, an international non-governmental organisation and network headquartered in Thailand which is designed to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children
  • The Emancipation Network, an international organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking and modern-day slavery
  • EVE, an advocacy group based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Exodus Cry, a non-profit organization that exists to help those who are sold for sex and break the cycle of commercial sexual exploitation.
  • The Exodus Road, a non-profit coalition of organizations specialized in the intervention component of human trafficking, training and funding partnerships with local authorities to actively rescue people trapped in human trafficking in India, southeast Asia, and the United States.
  • Face to Face Bulgaria, an organization whose primary mission is to prevent cases of forced prostitution and human trafficking in Bulgaria
  • Florida Abolitionist, a nonprofit, non-governmental organization opposing human trafficking in Florida, United States
  • Free the Slaves, is dedicating to ending Slavery Worldwide
  • Freeset, an organization whose primary mission is to provide sustainable employment and economic empowerment to victims of sex trafficking in South Asia.
  • GABRIELA, a leftist Filipino organization that advocates for women's issues
  • Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, a network of more than 100 non-governmental organisations from all regions of the world, who share a deep concern for the women, children and men whose human rights have been violated by the criminal practice of trafficking in persons
  • Global Centurion Foundation is an anti-trafficking organization fighting human trafficking by focusing on demand. GCF is based in Washington D.C., United States.
  • Hope for Justice Hope for Justice identifies and rescues victims, advocates on their behalf, provides restorative care which rebuilds lives and trains frontline professionals to tackle slavery.
  • Ing Makababaying Aksyon, a feminist service institution that seeks to empower women and work for a society that genuinely recognises and upholds women's rights
  • International Justice Mission, a U.S.-based non-profit human rights organization that operates in countries all over the world to rescue victims of individual human rights abuse
  • London Anti-Human Trafficking Committee, a London, Ontario, Canada-based nonprofit organisation opposing human trafficking by means of advocacy and education
  • Love 146 - Vision- The abolition of child trafficking and slavery, nothing less.
  • Maiti Nepal, a non-profit organization in Nepal dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking
  • Men Against Sexual Trafficking, a London, Ontario, Canada-based organisation that opposes human trafficking by educating men on the issue and encouraging them to stop buying sexual services provided by human trafficking victims
  • Mongolian Gender Equality Center, a non-governmental organization based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • NASHI, a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada-based organisation that opposes human trafficking by raising awareness through education
  • Not for Sale Campaign, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based out of California
  • Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons, a government agency responsible for coordinating efforts to address human trafficking in British Columbia, Canada
  • Operation Underground Railroad
  • Physicians for Human Rights
  • Polaris Project, a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that works to combat and prevent modern day slavery and human trafficking
  • PREDA Foundation, a charitable organization that was founded in Olongapo City, Philippines in 1974
  • Prerana is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that works in the red-light districts of Mumbai, India to protect children vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking. The organization runs three night care centers for children at risk, as well as shelter homes and a residential training center for girls rescued from the trafficking trade.
  • Rahab Ministries Thailand, a Christian non-governmental organization that provides outreach for sexually trafficked women and children in Thailand
  • Ratanak International, an organisation that rescues children from sexual slavery and then provides them with education, rehabilitation, and safety
  • Reaching Out Romania, a non-governmental charitable organization in Romania that helps girls ages 13 to 22 exit the sex industry
  • Redlight Children Campaign, a non-profit organization created by New York lawyer and president of Priority Films Guy Jacobson and Israeli actress Adi Ezroni in 2002 to combat worldwide child sexual exploitation and human trafficking
  • Renew Foundation, a Christian non-profit non-government organization in the Philippines dedicated to empowering female survivors of human trafficking and prostitution in the Philippines.
  • Ricky Martin Foundation, an organization with the mission to advocate for the well-being of children around the world
  • Ride for Refuge, a cycling event that raises awareness and funds for displaced persons, including human trafficking victims
  • Run for Courage, a nonprofit organization that combats human trafficking
  • Run 2 Rescue, a privately funded Christian Nonprofit organization that continues to reach, rescue and restore victims of sex trafficking in the United States.
  • Shared Hope International, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization which exists to rescue and restore women and children in crisis
  • Slavery Footprint, a nonprofit organization based in Oakland, California that works to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery.
  • Stop Child Trafficking Now, an organization founded by Lynette Lewis, an author and public speaker
  • Stop the Traffik, a campaign coalition which aims to bring an end to human trafficking worldwide*Third World Movement Against the Exploitation of Women, an organization directed towards the liberation of women from all kinds of oppression and exploitation based on sex, race or class
  • Tiny Hands International, a Christian nonprofit organization dedicated to helping orphaned and abandoned children and fighting sex trafficking in South Asia
  • Thorn, aka Digital Defenders of Children. Ashton Kutcher's organization driving tech innovation to fight child trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children.
  • Truckers Against Trafficking, a nonprofit organization that trains truck drivers to recognize and report instances of human trafficking
  • Visayan Forum Foundation, a non-profit, non-stock and tax-exempt non-government organization in the Philippines established in 1991
  • Vital Voices, an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization that works with women leaders in the areas of economic empowerment, women's political participation, and human rights.
  • World Orphans, an organization that funds the creation of orphanages in developing countries
  • ZOE International, is a nonprofit organization that fights human trafficking in Thailand with a three tier approach of prevention, rescue, and restoration.


source : www.pinterest.com

source : combathumantrafficking.org

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