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The Samsung NX series is a series of APS-C mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras with Samsung NX lens mounts from Samsung Electronics, introduced in 2010.

The APS-C image sensors have a 1.54x crop factor. Optical image stabilization is featured on some of the lenses, indicated by an "OIS" marking. Automatic focusing on NX lenses is handled by a dedicated electric motor built into the lens.


Samsung NX series
  • Samsung NX10 (released January 2010, worldwide)
  • Samsung NX5 (released June 2010, for UK, Germany, Nordics and South Korea market only)
  • Samsung NX100 (released September 2010, worldwide)
  • Samsung NX11 (released December 2010, worldwide)
  • Samsung NX200 (released September 2011, worldwide)
  • Samsung NX20 (released April 2012)
  • Samsung NX210 (released April 2012)
  • Samsung NX1000 (released April 2012)
  • Samsung NX300 (released January 2013)
  • Samsung NX1100 (released April 2013)
  • Samsung NX2000 (released May 2013)
  • Samsung Galaxy NX (released June 2013 with Android interface)
  • Samsung NX300M (released October 2013)
  • Samsung NX30 (released January 2014)
  • Samsung NX mini (released April 2014)
  • Samsung NX3000 (released June 2014), a compromise of Samsung NX mini and the bigger Samsung NX300
  • Samsung NX1 (released November 2014)
  • Samsung NX500 (announced February 2015)

Samsung NX-mount

Samsung NX series

With an diameter of 42mm the lens mount has a comparatively large flange focal distance of 25.5mm â€" the 35mm full-frame format Leica M mount is only 2mm larger.

NX-mount lenses

Samsung NX series

As of February 2015, there are 15 Samsung lenses available. As of February 2015, the NX-mount is supported by at least one additional manufacturer: Samyang Optics, which only delivers lenses without autofocus / image stabilization.


Samsung NX series

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