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The College of Management Academic Studies, a college located in the city of Rishon LeZion Israel, is the largest college in Israel. Founded in 1978, COMAS is the first non-subsidized, not-for-profit academic institution in Israel to be recognized and certified by the Council for Higher Education in Israel. It offers bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration, law, media, economics, organizational development and consulting, computer science, behavioral sciences, family studies and interior design. The college places an emphasis on social awareness and responsibility, with both students and faculty taking part in community and outreach activities.


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The College of Management - Academic Studies (COMAS) gained authorization in 1986 to award a BA degree in business administration and accounting. COMAS became the first non-subsidized, non-profit academic institution in Israel to be recognized and certified by the country’s supreme educational authority, the Council for Higher Education in Israel. Official recognition of COMAS’ status marked the democratization of Israeli higher education. Today, COMAS is the largest college in Israel become a dynamic, innovative force in Israel’s higher educational framework.

The Academic Studies has achieved its impressive growth because of its success in meeting a real need - the desire of young Israelis for a unique curricula that combines professional knowledge with practical application, close ties between faculty and students, and small classes.

Teaching and degrees

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The Teaching Authority was established to improve the quality of teaching at institutions of higher education in Israel in general, and at COMAS in particular through various means, while developing tools to measure quality instruction. It encourages debate on the essence of academic teaching and its quality amongst the faculty and academic management.

The Research Authority aims to encourage research activity among the College schools and academic departments to aid faculty to locate research funds both in Israel and abroad and to prepare grant proposals. The Authority encourages faculty to engage in both basic and applied research as an important element for the improvement of the quality of teaching, a stepping-stone for the personal academic advancement of the faculty and the placing of the College on the academic map in Israel and abroad.

Academic year

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The academic year is divided into three terms lasts from October to January ; from February to May; and from June to September.


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Central library

The College of Management central library lies in Rishon LeZion campus since 1995. In the year 2010, inaugurated in its building dedicated to the library structure. The library serves the students and the academic ranks of the college.

Library building covers three floors and includes reading rooms housing collection of varies fields, work in group rooms, Daily Press Room, audiovisual room and a teaching class. In the entry level there is the lending books desk, display shelves displaying new books and journals, sitting areas and computerized seating positions. Copiers are placed on each floor near the elevator. Printers are located in each work in group room.

The library collection contains more than 80,000 volumes of books and copies of electronic media. The collection includes 450 journals in print, thousands of electronic journals, 40 databases, and publications of research institutes, newspapers, videotapes and DVDs. The collection covers all topics included in undergraduate and graduated curricula: management, financing, marketing, accounting, operations management, economics, international trade, international organizations, behavioral science, criminology, organizational behavior, family studies, communication, computer science, interior design art and more. Books in the library are arranged by classification numbers representing the classification of areas and issues.

Law library

The law library establish in 1990, in 1995 it has moved to its new residence in the law school building on Rishon LeZion campus. The library has a key role in the academic teaching, research and activities taking place in law school and allowing a large accessibility to legal information worldwide. In the entrance level there is a reading hall contains reference books, sources files, Jewish law, multi- disciplinary collection, legislation and case law sets and display shelves displaying latest journals.

The library has a comprehensive collection of library files legislation and case law from Israel and abroad, monographs and other areas related, law journals, legal series, encyclopedias, dictionaries and guides. In addition to the printed collection, the library subscribed to a wide range of legal databases and others, including foreign legislation and case law, digital books and hundreds of electronic journals. These collections also can be accessed off-campus.

Faculties and Departments

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Business Administration The school of business is the largestin the country with an enrollment of approximately 3,500 students. It is the first private, non-state academic program ever officially accredited by the Council for Higher Education in Israel, Israel's accreditation authority for institutes of higher education.

Law The Haim Striks School of Law was founded by Daniel Friedmann (subsequently Minister of Justice) in 1990. It offers both a LLB and a subsequent Master's program.

Media Studies The School is the largest school of Media Studies in the country catering to more than 50% of Israel’s students of Media Studies. The School’s B.A. program in Media Studies and Management integrates theoretical and practical knowledge.

Economics The School of Economics was established in 1994, and in recent years has undergone accelerated growth and development. Today, it is one of the largest departments in its field in Israel. It caters to 1,300 students for a BA in Economics and Management.

Computer Science The Department of Computer Science is one of the largest and leading departments in its field in Israel. It caters to 1,300 students for a BA in Economics and Management.

Behavioral Sciences The School of Behavioral Sciences at the College of Management was established in 1994 as a multidisciplinary department for studying psychology, sociology, and anthropology.

Interior Design The Interior Design Department was founded in 1995 is a full academic track in interior design separate from architecture or design studies.

Alumni and academics

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The Alumni Forum was established to cater for the College's 31,000 alumni. It aims to maintain the connection between the College and its graduates, to encourage contact between the graduates and to fulfill the needs of the alumni both academically and in the business and employment fields.

Office of International Programs

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The College of Management - Academic Studies has an international office that works with students from several countries. There is also a student club for foreign and Israeli students on campus known as the International Student Community (ISC).

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