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Fairmount Park is a park in Riverside, California.

In 2011, Fairmount Park, Riverside, California was one of ten public places named to the APA’s (American Planning Association) great places in America. The park is located at 2601 Fairmount Boulevard. The park lies between the Santa Ana River, and Route 60 to the north. It was designated a “Frontline Park” in April 2011.


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The firm who designed Central Park, Olmsted and Olmsted, was commissioned in 1911 to design Fairmount Park. Although Frederick Law Olmsted had recently died (1903), his design principles were evident in the Fairmount Park planning. The primary design aspects of the park were implemented over the following 13 years, ending in 1924 with Lake Evans. In 1985, a tree inventory showed that many of the trees in the reforesting effort from 1911 were still living.

Rehabilitation and revitalization

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Rehabilitation of the park was prompted by flooding and deterioration of Lake Evans and the increase in crime in and nearby the park. The revitalization was championed by local residents such as Pat Stewart, current chair of Friends of Fairmount Park. The rehabilitation efforts began in 2001 with volunteers willing to pick up waste or provide other general maintenance needs for the park. Community effort catalyzed funding for a $2.6 million playground.


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Fairmount Park offers a golf course, two tennis courts, public barbecues, boat rentals (including pedal boats that are handicap accessible), sailing and fishing on Lake Evans, running, jogging and walking on the Santa Ana River Trail, a number of exercise classes held in the park, and the playground. It also has a well maintained lawn bowling court which first opened in the 1920s.


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